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Special Education Department
The Geneva High School Special Education Department provides a continuum of educational services for students tailored to their individual, diverse needs. Following Geneva’s tradition of excellence, our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated educators, related service providers, and paraprofessionals ready to support and guide our students through their high school career and prepare them for their transition after high school. Additionally, we guide our students to help ensure they become self-directed, lifelong learners; effective communicators; complex, creative, and adaptive thinkers; and collaborative workers/citizens.

The Special Education department supports students through the assessment, eligibility, and provision of specially designed academic instruction to assist students to achieve their maximum potential. Eligible students receive specialized academic instruction and related services to meet their unique needs as recommended in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). The related services offered within our continuum in the general education and special education settings primarily include Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work and Counseling.

If interested in knowing more or have any questions about the Special Education Department at Geneva High School, contact Shannon Del Re, Special Education Department Chair.

Shannon Del Re, Department ChairRich Martin
LeeAnn CampanaJanet Meeks 
Hilary Hamblock
Rebecca Montalto 
Alyssa Hayden Marc Nesci 
Holly Heinrich
Nicolette Pollack 
Lynn Horrigan
Mary Striedl 
Ame Kazmer Derek Sutor
Jennifer Lechelt
Linda Szkola 
Dana Manarchy Alec Wittum