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Blended Learning

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Blended Learning Opportunities at GHS

Several courses are now offered in both a traditional format and a blended learning format.  The blended learning sections cover the same curricular topics as our standard course sections, but in a different, more flexible manner.  Blended learning courses are designated within each department’s course offerings in this course catalog.

GHS blended learning courses offer learning activities that are highly collaborative, technology-driven, and student-centered with some element of student control over the place, path, or pace of learning.   Blended learning courses are structured as follows:

First few weeks of the semester
In addition to covering the course content in a traditional classroom, students receive instruction on effective time management, communication skills, and collaborative teamwork in a technology-rich learning environment.
Remainder of the semester or year
Students will usually spend 3-4 days per week in a traditional classroom setting, with 1-2 days per week devoted to working in collaborative student groups or individually on projects and assignments for the course.     Students might work in the classroom, library, cafeteria, or commons, and may work directly with the teacher, individually, or with a student group depending on the nature of the assignment.     For example, some students in the class may be working together in the library on a group presentation, some students may be collaborating with other students online, while other students may be working with the teacher in the classroom reviewing material for an upcoming test.  Smaller groups and individual students within the class will also be able to receive more individualized attention and instruction in the blended learning format.
  • What qualities help make a student successful in a blended learning course?  Students should reflect on their ability to manage their time, be self-motivated, ask questions when needed, and navigate in an electronic learning environment.
  • Will there be more work in a blended learning course?  Not necessarily more work, but it does mean the work will look different.  While students in both the blended and traditional courses will cover the same content and curriculum, students in blended learning courses will be working in a different format, independently and in groups, and with a greater focus on the use of technology.  
  • Is this an online class?   No.  Although there will be some course material online and students may work on online projects, there will always be a classroom teacher instructing and/or available during the class period.  This environment is similar to what many students will experience in college.   The focus is less about the technology itself and more about the student skills that are fostered by the use of technology.
  • Who will teach this class?   GHS faculty are assigned to teach blended learning courses in the same way they are assigned to teach traditional courses.  The teacher will be in the classroom every day during the class period providing direct instruction, serving as a resource, or working with groups of students.
  • Are there tests and quizzes?   Yes.  The tests and quizzes will generally be the same as those in the traditional sections of the course and most will be taken in class in a traditional format.
  • How does taking a blended course affect a student’s grade point average?  This course will count the same as traditional courses.
  • Do students need to remain at school when they are not working in the classroom?  Yes.   In addition to the classroom, there are a variety of areas of the building that are available for students to work.  Any student with a   low course grade will be required to attend the classroom daily until their grade improves. 
If students selecting a blended learning course have scheduling conflicts, the traditional version of the same course will automatically be substituted.  Students will receive confirmation of their courses when course confirmations are available in early summer.