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Art Courses

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Visual Arts

Visual Literacy will help your academic and professional career

Why take a GHS

Graphic Design class?


In a comprehensive curriculum, Graphic Design students will learn about the effects of Visual media, design elements and typography relating to society. The class explores the effects of visuals on populations. Individuals and societies.  The work is project based, much of which is seen by potentially large audiences.  A large part of this class is learning Photoshop, but no prior knowledge of Photoshop is required. 


This is an excellent course for any student wishing to pursue a collegiate degree and career in art, illustration, commercial art, visual media, marketing, sociology, any type of design, and psychology.  This an excellent course for anyone hoping to think critically in school and apply the class’s curriculum to thinking critically outside academia. 


Why take a GHS

Studio Art Class?

In the GHS Studio Art curriculum, students will get a sample of all our visual arts programs have to offer.  The Studio Art class is an introductory arts class where students will improve their drawing/painting skills, expand their perception of history and popular culture as well as exploring avenues of hands on learning through projects that are ceramic, photography, computer centered. 


Art is explained using the elements and principles through demos, lectures and hands on experience.    This class is a great way for students to experience the entire program to see which other courses appeal to them for future opportunities at GHS and is recommended as the preliminary course to our other Visual Arts curriculum. 


Why take a GHS Ceramics class?

Ceramics class is not about making ceramics.  It is about learning the skills of the process and then applying them to a series of problem solving situations.  If you wanted to buy a coffee mug, you can buy one relatively cheaply at any retail outlet.  If you wanted to develop a unique skill, explore techniques to showcase various 3D mindsets, if you want to use newly gained experience and combine them with personal creative application, then this would be an excellent course to put on your schedule.


History and science knowledge will be gained through project based assessments.  Student creativity will be challenged.  21st century Learning Process is combined with the prehistoric technology of working with clay to provide a stimulating, entertaining and rewarding experience that can be applied to every academic class taken, at GHS and college.


There are two one semester ceramics classes offered.  To gain the full GHS ceramic experience, taking both will give you the greatest experience. 



Why take a GHS

3D Design class?


Our world is in three dimensions.  Art explains it in both two and three dimensions.  This hands on course challenges students to express themselves through various media used in demos and projects.  Students will explore spatial relationships by creating and constructing formed solutions in educational projects.  This class examines the art of established artists and craftsmen throughout history that have mastered 3D design.





 Interested in a career in architecture, design, fashion, entertainment or art education? Then our art courses are an important place for you to be!   

Advanced Studio Art

3 Semesters of art courses required. Or teacher permission.

·         2 semester class

·         Learn Art History through project base learning.  

·         Learn a variety of artistic techniques and mediums used by ancient civilizations.

·         Develop skills in exhibition and portfolio presentation.

·         Emphasis on development of creative process and personal expression.


4 Semesters of art courses required with a B grade or better.

·         2 semester class

·         Development of a 3 section portfolio; 2D DESIGN, 3D DESIGN or DRAWING.

·         This class pursues increasingly challenging goals in creative thinking, visual development and artistic skills.

·         Learn complex visual problem solving in your own mark making.

·         Discussions in Art history, aesthetic philosophies, and creative processes in weekly critiques.

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