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Phone: 630-463-3800

GHS Personal Learning Choices (PLC)

Geneva High School has implemented a continuous improvement model known as PLCs. Based on this model, teacher collaboration and enhanced student support become a regular part of the school day. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Geneva High School has implemented a continuous improvement model known as PLCs. Based on this model, teacher collaboration and enhanced student support become a regular part of the school day. The following Frequently Asked Questions provide information about this program:
What are PLCs?
Geneva High School is using the PLC abbreviation in two different, but related, ways to benefit students:
1. GHS students participate in Personal Learning Choices on Thursdays throughout the year. This
PLC period runs from 7:40-8:25. During the PLC period, a variety of opportunities exist for
students to enrich their learning, collaborate with their peers, receive extra help on assignments,
and participate in different activities. Some specific activities that are available include:
  • Tutoring centers providing academic assistance in multiple subjects
  • Library and computer lab time for research, homework, and projects
  • Making up tests/quizzes in a Test Make Up Center (instead of missing class)
  • Areas for students to work on group projects
  • Presentations on a variety of important topics including the college search process,
  • social emotional topics, and career awareness
  • The PE Department will also be running PE make ups during this time
  • The PLC period will also provide time for student-run clubs to meet.
In addition to these choices, there are some mandatory sessions for specific grade levels held during the PLC time. Attendance will be taken at these mandatory sessions and consequences will be issued for unexcused absences. The dates of these mandatory sessions as well as additional information about Personal Learning Choices are included in the PLC schedule also published on the GHS website.
2. GHS faculty will be engaged in Professional Learning Communities, which is a model of teacher collaboration that focuses on the critical questions of student learning. During the PLC period on
Thursdays, teams of teachers work together on a variety of initiatives. Some PLC teams form
around common courses (i.e. Geometry), while other groups form around course level (i.e. Core,
College Prep, Honors, Advanced Placement).
Why do PLCs exist at Geneva High School?
Educators have learned from the business and health care fields that systematic collaboration is essential for a high performing organization. Because of the desire to meet the needs of all students, the GHS faculty has committed to the PLC model of continuous improvement.
Are PLC days held every Thursday?
Yes, with a few of exceptions. Personal Learning Choices will not take place on Thursdays that are:
  • Scheduled half days (institute days, parent conference, etc.)
  • Final Exam Thursdays
  • PLC Thursdays will not be rescheduled to a different day in the event of a snow day or school cancellation.
What is the school schedule on PLC Thursdays?
Personal Learning Choices 7:40-8:25
Period 1 8:30-9:14
Period 2 9:19-10:03
Period 3 10:08-10:52
Period 4 10:57-11:19
Period 5 11:24-11:46
Period 6 11:51-12:13
Period 7 12:18-12:40
Period 8 12:45-1:07
Period 9 1:12-1:56
Period 10 2:01-2:45
Are students required to attend this late start time?
Students should plan to arrive by 7:40 to take advantage of student resources or by 8:30 for the start of first period on Thursdays. However, some Thursdays will require certain groups of students to arrive at 7:40 and attendance will be taken. All special programs and required attendance dates will be communicated to students and parents.
In order to participate in the various options on Thursday mornings, students need to be at GHS at the
normal time of 7:40 AM. Students arriving between 7:40 and 8:25 will be directed to the cafeteria for
study hall.
Where can I find out which PLC activities are required for my son or daughter to attend?
The PLC schedule of activities is posted on the main page of the GHS website at The schedule clearly identifies which activities are required, in addition to the various other opportunities that are available during this time.
My child takes the bus to school. How will they get to school since I can’t drive them on PLC days?
The buses for the high school run at the same time as they do on normal days. On a PLC day, for
example, buses arrive at GHS between 7:10 and 7:25 AM.
Will the school day end at the same time?
Yes, GHS dismisses at the normal time of 2:45 PM.
If the teachers are working in PLC teams on PLC days, who supervises the students?
Administrators, teacher assistants, rotating teachers, and other existing employees are among the adults that work in a supervisory capacity during the PLC period each Thursday.
My child is enrolled in Early Bird PE or Early Bird Health. How does that work with PLCs?
Early Bird PE and Early Bird Health does not meet on PLC Thursdays. Early Bird PE and Early Bird Health runs from 6:30-7:35 every other day of the week.
My child is enrolled in Early Bird Choir. How will that work with PLCs?
Early Bird Choir meets 5 days a week from 6:45-7:35.
My son/daughter takes a class off campus (Fox Valley Career Center, Waubonsee, etc.). What will they do on PLC Thursdays?
Generally, students enrolled in off campus courses are required to attend their class sessions as normal as part of their commitment to participating in these programs. The bus to the Fox Valley Career Center will depart from GHS at the following times on Thursdays:
  • Session 1 departs at 7:35 each day (same time as other days)
  • Session 2 departs at 9:20 at the conclusion of period 2
  • Session 3 departs at 10:57 at the conclusion of period 3
Students attending other off-campus classes should not need to change their departure times on
Thursdays. Students with questions about off campus courses and times should consult with the Dean’s Office.
There may be some PLC activities that require that students remain at GHS instead of leaving. If this is the case, this will be communicated to students, parents, and the off-site class location in advance.
My middle school student takes a 1st period class at GHS. What happens with them on PLC
On PLC Thursdays, first period for Honors Geometry begins at 8:25. Middle school students attending a GHS class during first period have two options for getting to GHS:
  • Arrange to ride a GHS bus to school, which will drop them off at GHS between 7:10-7:25.
  • Students can then take advantage of the PLC time that is offered on Thursdays.
  • Students can be dropped off at GHS any time prior to 8:30. Please note that students arriving between 7:40-8:25 will be directed to the cafeteria for study hall. In order to take advantage of the other options during PLC period, students need to be at GHS by 7:40.
Middle school students will be bused back to the middle school at the conclusion of first period.
Does the PLC Initiative require additional expenditures?
No. The way in which the Geneva PLC model has been put together does not require additional funding for staff, transportation, or operation.