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Hall of Fame

416 McKinley Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3800


The Geneva Community High School Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee members are Matt Hahn, Athletic Director; Dave Carli, former Athletic Director; Jim Kafer, former Athletic Director and Committee Chair; Jerry Auchstetter, retired Geneva High Head Football Coach and former Viking Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee; Dr. Pete Temple, Class of 1981 and former Viking Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee;Rick Nagel, Class of 1975; and Kurt Wehrmeister, Class of 1975 and former Viking Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee.


1. To recognize former athletes, coaches, administrators, and community members for their contributions to Geneva High School Athletics.

2. To showcase the rich tradition and heritage of Geneva Athletics to visitors and community members.

3. To provide current and future students an ideal to admire and aspire to, as well as an awareness of the greatness that preceded them.


1. An athlete must be at least five years removed from high school.

2. An athlete's total high school experience as well as his/her collegiate and post-college non-athletic career are considered.

3. Inductions will be limited to three per year and will strive for gender and sports balance ( though it should be remembered that female athletics and many current sports offerings have much shorter histories at GHS). 

4. The inductions are not based on the order of importance.  Rather, each year there will be an attempt to vary the generations of the group to be inducted to enhance interest in the program.

List of Hall of Fame Members

2024 Members
Brad Allen
Sarah Carlson
Victor Mehren

2023 Members
Allie (Pace) McCoy
The Bashaw Family
Michael O’Neal

2022 Members
Kevin McDowell
Bob Thomson
Kelly Whitley


2020 Members
Jim Kafer
Tim Sandman
Lauren Wicinski


2019 Members
Josh Braley
Tom Busch
Bonnie Gardiner 


2018 Members 
Joanna Conner-Gutkowski
Bill Koehn
Lindsey Koehn-Huettemann 


2017 Members
Gregg Nelson
Zac Scaffidi


2007 Girls Cross Country Team
  • Megan Brady
  • Emily Byars
  • Sarah Cable
  • Devin Clemmans
  • Rachel Zacchea 
  • Liza Tauscher
  • Tess Ehrhardt
  • Caitlin Guinan
  • Rachel Hammond
  • Glenna Murphy
  • Kelly Whitley
  • Taylor Wickware
  • Kat Yelle
  • Myra Yelle
2008 Girls Cross Country Team
  • Megan Brady
  • Emily Byars
  • Kate Byrne
  • Tess Ehrhardt
  • Rachel Hammond
  • Meghan Heuer
  • Sarah Heuer
  • Kelly Shogren
  • Liza Tauscher
  • Kelly Whitley
  • Kat Yelle
  • Myra Yelle
2016 Members
Gina Nolan
Tom Rogers
Taylor Whitley-Fieser


2015 Members
Joe Herrera
Nick Herrera
Mack Olson


2014 Members
Jeff Ainsworth
Jim Klein
Jackie Santacaterina


2013 Members
Ray Soto

1963 Boys Basketball Team

  • Dennis Bakey
  • Pete Burgess
  • Tom Busch
  • Ty Jacobson
  • Bob Johansen
  • Pete Jonsson
  • Dick Krell
  • Bob Liden
  • Mike McCleary
  • Pete Neri
  • George Peck
  • Chuck Radovich
  • Rick Tornberg
2012 Members
Katy Lindenmuth-Green
Derek Swanson
Kurt Wehrmeister


2011 Members
John Barton
Julie Koivula
Jerry Vitton


2010 Members
Ron Johnson
Sarah Landau
Todd Searcy


2009 Members
Dave Shaver
Jill Odenthal-Sracic
Allan Tison


2008 Members
Charles Hokonson
John LeFeber
Peter Temple


2007 Members
Karen Bauer
Jim Newbill
Mark Schick


2006 Members 
Doug Reese
Mark Searcy
Mike Van Deveer


2005 Members
Jim Conterato
Rebecca Mitchell
Richard Temple


2004 Members 
Bob Peterson
Bob Schick
Joan Wallner


2003 Members 
Gary Birch
John/Ann Burns
Howard Smith, Jr


2002 Members 
Jeff Cesarone
Annica Cooper
Bob Johansen
Allen Mead
Tilden Meyers


2001 Members 
Jerry Auchstetter
Jenny Birkner-Gallagher
Frank Burgess
Mel Johnson
Carl Nelson
Al Stark
Haskell Tison, Jr