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Graduation Requirements

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Graduation Requirements

A*minimum* of 20.5 units of credit, including the following courses:  

English4 credits (including 1 unit of English I, English II and English III, .5 credit of English IV and .5 credit English elective or 1 credit of senior-level AP English)
Science2 credits
Social Studies2.5  credits (including .5 credit of U.S. Government, 1 credit of US History and 1 credit of Modern World History) Must pass U.S. and Illinois Constitution Tests.
Physical Education3 credits PE is required each semester except when enrolled in Health & Safety 
Health and Safety.5 credit
Personal Finance.5 credit 
Elective1 credit 

Courses taken in cooperatively administered programs such as the Fox Valley Career Center or the Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative are considered to be courses taken at Geneva High School.  Meeting the minimum graduation requirements does not assure admission to a specific college or university.  Admission requirements vary by institution.  For detailed information about those requirements, consult the individual institutions and follow up with your school counselor as needed.

See the GHS Course Catalog for course recommendations for various post-secondary institutions.