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Graduation Requirements

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A*minimum* of 20.5 units of credit, including the following courses:  

English 4 credits (including 1 unit of English I, English II and English III, .5 credit of English IV and .5 credit English elective or 1 credit of senior-level AP English)
Science 2 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Social Studies 2.5  credits (including .5 credit of U.S. Government, 1 credit of US History and 1 credit of Modern World History) Must pass U.S. and Illinois Constitution Tests.
Physical Education 3 credits PE is required each semester except when enrolled in Health & Safety 
Health and Safety .5 credit
Personal Finance .5 credit 
Elective 1 credit 

Courses taken in cooperatively administered programs such as the Fox Valley Career Center or the Mid-Valley Special Education Cooperative are considered to be courses taken at Geneva High School.  Meeting the minimum graduation requirements does not assure admission to a specific college or university.  Admission requirements vary by institution.  For detailed information about those requirements, consult the individual institutions and follow up with your school counselor as needed.

See Page 4 of the GHS Course Catalog for course recommendations for various post-secondary institutions.

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