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World Languages Department
In today's global society, learning a second language is key to understanding other cultures and becoming a global citizen. In providing that opportunity for students, the GHS World Languages department offers programs in French, German and Spanish. Students can take regular or honors classes in all three languages as well as Level V AP classes. Our World Languages classes offer authentic learning experiences for each of the target languages through the four essential components of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Knowing a second language is a 21st century skill that gives students advantages in applying to colleges and for future career options. Most GHS students take 3-4 years of a World Language during high school; many even enroll in a second World Language. The WL department also offers student travel opportunities every year for authentic learning experiences. Spanish students will travel to Costa Rica this spring break. French and German students have a biannual opportunity to travel to France and Germany during the summers in the even years. The next trip is summer 2018. These trips offer excellent opportunities to enhance and expand all language and culture learning from the classroom.

Geneva High School is a Seal of Biliteracy school. We offer all seniors in levels IV and V of one of our World Languages the opportunity to take an exam to achieve Seal of Biliteracy or Commendation of Biliteracy recognition through the State of Illinois.
Gina Nolan
Department Chair
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