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Counselor Presentations

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Counselor Presentations

In case you missed it...
Summer 2022

Rising Seniors:
To Do List for Seniors (full PowerPoint)

Back to School Night 2022:
Parents of Freshmen & Sophomores: Introduction to Career Research

Fall 2022: 

Seniors: College Application Process (PLC 8-25-22)
Juniors: Introduction to Naviance & College/Career Exploration (PLC 11-10 and 11-17-22)
Freshmen:  Sophomore Year Course Selection (PLC 12-1-22)
Sophomores:  Junior Year Course Selection (PLC 12-8-22)
Juniors: Senior Year Course Selection (PLC 12-15-22)
Seniors: Scholarships and Financial Aid (PLC 12-15-22)
Juniors: Senior Year Course Confirmation (PLC 1-19-23)


Archived Presentations (2021-2022 school year)

Summer 2021:

Fall 2021:

Seniors: Post-High School Planning Presentation (given during PE classes 8/30/21)
Sophomores: Career Exploration Workshop PPT (Nov. 16 + 18)
Sophomores: Junior Year Course Selection (presentation given 11/29 during PE/health classes)
Freshmen: Sophomore Year Course Selection (presentation given 12/2 during PE classes)
Juniors: Senior Year Course Selection (presentation given 12/16 during PE classes)