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416 McKinley Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3800

What graduates, current students and parents are saying about their World Language experiences:

 I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to take the Seal of Biliteracy because I passed! I needed that extra push to take it, and I am incredibly grateful that I did! - GHS graduate

When we were in EPCOT in Disney World, E got the chance to speak with a young German girl and shared his speech with her. She was impressed and said he did very well. He was extremely nervous to speak with her because he had never done that before. But afterwards he was very happy and proud of himself, as we were. At the aquarium exhibit I looked over and saw he chose German as the language and answered the questions. He said he didn't understand all the words, but could figure it out. He also grabbed all the German maps at each park. I just wanted to share this and that he really loves learning the German language.  - Parent of a current GHS student

Walking into GHS 4 years ago, I would have never guessed that my favorite class would have been Español.  Every day, even in COVID I am excited to come into your class.  The fun games we play, Spanish telenovelas we watch, and conversations we have make it the best class ever."GHS graduate 

You have challenged her in a positive way with getting her involved in Spanish National Honors Society and International Club too. Thank you so much! We have enjoyed watching her dive into her projects to connect her learning with the world. This year has been a learning process in more ways than one!  - Parent of a current GHS student

I wanted to write this to say thank you for the past four years. You always made the German classroom a safe and comfortable place for all of us, and it was always a relief coming to German after a long day. Walking in freshman year I was terrified, but after just the first day I knew you were a special teacher and German would be a special class. However, I did not expect German and the classroom to become so important and such a huge part of my high school experience...Thank you for always being a good friend as well as a teacher and exposing us to culture that I will value forever. - GHS graduate

Bonjour Madame! I am almost halfway through my sophomore year in college, and after this fall semester, I will have finished my French minor from Ball State University with honors in French composition. After having gone through college level French courses, I wanted to thank you for being such a great educator and preparing me to be a strong French speaker in high school, in order to help me excel in college. With your teaching and preparation, I was able to test out of all 100 and 200 level French classes and finish my French minor in just over a year! In the next couple of years, I might study abroad or look for advertising internships in France. Not only are you a great teacher and person, but you helped me realize my passion for French. With your enthusiasm and love for the French language, you've truly impacted my life in a positive way. Thank you for being an amazing French teacher. - GHS graduate
V enjoyed being in your class, she says it was fun and very exciting; and we see that her French is getting better! I have a French friend/colleague at Fermilab, and her family compliments V's pronunciation - this is very pleasant for us her parents! We hope very much that V will master this beautiful language and will be able to communicate without any problem - and your contribution in her success is absolutely invaluable! - Parents of a current GHS student

I hope you know how much I enjoyed your class. Nothing makes me happier than having my afternoon filled with nothing but Spanish. I have a true passion for the language and cannot wait to continue with it in my life. Thank you for all you do to grow this passion. - GHS graduate