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Speech Team

Speech offers a unique opportunity for any student to express his/her individual speaking and dramatic talents in a competitive atmosphere. Students compete against other schools before small audiences in 14 events

Speech Events

  • Dramatic Duet Acting (DDA) - An eight minute scene from a play or script performed with a partner usually with a more serious or dramatic theme.
  • Dramatic Interpretation (DI) - An eight minute monologue from a play, book, movie or short story performed individually with a more serious or dramatic theme.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking (ES) - Limited time preparation event. The student blindly draws three topics from a number of cards. The speaker then chooses one of the topics and has 30 minutes to prepare a six minute speech. Topics for the event include national and international issues of politics, commerce, social issues, government policy and international relations.
  • Humorous Duet Acting (HDA) - An eight minute scene from a play or script performed with a partner usually with a less serious, more comedic or jovial theme.
  • Humorous Interpretation (HI) - An eight minute cutting of a play, short story, or monologue performed individually. Performer oftentimes plays all of the characters using different voices and physical characterizations. Usually a silly, outrageous performance.
  • Impromptu Speaking (IMP) - Each speaker is given a topic at the beginning of their speaking turn, and is given two minutes to prepare and deliver a meaningful, organized, coherent speech. Topics are drawn from the categories of Names, Words, or Quotations.
  • Informative Speaking (INF) - An eight minute speech written by the individual student about any topic with the intention to inform the audience
  • Oratorical Declamation (OD) - An eight minute pre-existing speech performed by a student, for example, a TEDtalk or something similar.
  • Original Comedy (OC) - An eight minute story with multiple characters performed and written by one individual, similar to HI except it is completely self-written.
  • Original Oratory (OO) - An eight minute speech on an important, current topic, performed from memory. The speech can be informative, but persuasive in nature.
  • Poetry Reading (PO) - An 8 minute combination of various poems and poetic literature combined to create a cohesive theme and story. Theme can be humorous, dramatic, or a combination of both. Performed with a small black interpretation book.
  • Prose Reading (PR) - An 8 minute interpretation of a short story or cutting of a novel, memoir, etc. performed individually with the story in front of you in a small black interpretation book. Theme can be humorous, dramatic, or a combination of both
  • Radio Speaking (RS) - Students prepare a script that includes multiple components of radio broadcasting, such as entertainment, news, weather, sports, etc. to read a 5 minute radio broadcast
  • Special Occasion Speaking (SOS) - An eight minute student-written speech intended to persuade the audience on any given topic with the constant use of humor and or wit.
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