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Danica Fahmy

416 McKinley Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3800

Geneva High School Photography

My name is Danica Fahmy and I teach the photography classes here at Geneva High School. The GHS photography program consists of various photography classes, from film based to digital. The mandatory prerequisite class is Introduction to Photography and that is a B&W traditional film class where students work in the darkroom most of the time. After successful completion of Intro to Photo, students who become very interested in the medium can move on and take the digitally based photography classes offered here such as Digital Photography and Advanced Concepts in Photography I/II. For those students who want an extra dose of photography to their week, they can join Photography Club. Photography Club meets every Thursday right after school.
If you would like to know a bit about me and my accomplishments as a fine art photographer please visit my website at

GHS student work

Introduction to Photography (formerly known as Photography I)
Course Description: Introduction to Photography is a semester long course which introduces students to black and white film photography. Students learn SLR camera functions, darkroom processes, and to investigate the elements and principles of art and design. Students learn to observe and interpret photographs and learn to analytically solve problems by processing information visually. It is recommended that students registering for Introduction to Photography supply their own 35mm camera with a functional light meter and manual exposure controls.                               1/2 credit                                                  

Digital Photography (formerly known as Photography II)
Course Description: this course will explore digital photography in relation to fine and commercial art.Students will be introduced to the basic technology necessary for the production of their photography, as well as learning about the visual arts, how to look at and critique photography, photographic vocabulary, and be introduced to many works by well known photographers. Students will learn to use the tools of the photo editing software, Photoshop in the production of their art work. It is recommended that students registering for Digital Photography have their own digital camera.                                                                                                                                                        1/2 credit.

Advanced Concepts in Photography I (formerly known as Photography III)                             Course Description: Applying the fundamentals learned in Introduction to Photography and Digital Photography, this course designed to develop excellence in camera and darkroom techniques. Digital
photography will be used for more than half of the required projects. The students will be expected to display their knowledge of Photoshop through their photographs. Alternative photographic processes are explored and the use of medium format cameras is taught.                                                            1/2 credit.                                                              

Advanced Concepts  in Photography II (formerly known as Photography IV)
Course Description: As the student continues in photography, greater emphasis is placed on the development of a personal vision and a portfolio that reflects this artistic growth. Historical and philosophical concerns are incorporated in the examination of materials. Instruction is provided in fine digital image making and traditional, black and white film based photography.                           1/2 credit.