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FACS Courses

416 McKinley Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3800

Family & Consumer Sciences Classes!

Interested in a career in education, social services or the medical field? Then Child Development & Early Childhood Education are right for you!

Child Development & Parenting

·         Learn about children’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual development.

·         Many hands-on projects and activities – including the electronic baby and empathy belly!

Little Vikings Preschool teachers

Early Childhood Education

C or better in Child Development

·         Create lesson plans for preschool – school-age children

·         Complete the Gateways to Opportunity ECE curriculum – leading to a professional credential and scholarship opportunities!

·         Prepare for many possible careers

·         Create a professional portfolio

·         Observe children

Little Vikings Preschool teachers  


Interested in learning how to cook? Whether you plan to learn how to cook to survive when you are on your own or want to become a professional chef, these classes are great opportunities for you to develop your skills --- and eat what you make in class!

Culinary Arts

No prerequisite

·         You will learn how to make foods with dairy, fruits & vegetables, eggs, yeast breads, quick breads, cookies and more!

·         We will discuss and make healthy options and learn how to prepare complete meals.

Global Foods

No prerequisite

·         Go on a culinary tour of the world!

·         Prepare foods from the United States, Italy, Mexico, France, China, Germany and more.

·         You will also learn how to grill and prepare gourmet foods.

Baking & Pastry

C or better in Culinary Arts OR Global Foods 

·         Learn how to run a small business – Vikings Coffee!

·         Produce high quality baked goods and pastries with a strong focus on professionalism and service.

·         You will make breads, pastries, cakes, custards, sauces, chiffon/merinque/mousse and specialized desserts.

Hospitality & Tourism

C or better in Culinary Arts or Global Foods

·         Explore the scope of the travel/tourism, hospitality and event planning industries.

·         Operate and run a small business - Vikings Coffee!

·         You will learn about management in all forms including human resources, customer service, operations, marketing and planning.

Restaurant Entrepreneurship 1

C or better in Baking & Pastry or Hospitality & Tourism

·         Investigate career paths in culinary arts

·         Double period class!

·         Menu costing, purchasing and preparing menus

·         Plan and prepare foods for catering events.

·         Manage Vikings Coffee and catering events!

Restaurant Entrepreneurship 2

C or better in Baking & Pastry or Hospitality & Tourism

·         Explore careers in culinary arts and hospitality

·         Double period class!

·         Run Vikings Coffee and catering events.

·         Plan and prepare foods for catering events in the community.


 Do you love interior design or fashion? Are you interested in career opportunities in fashion, management or interior design? Then check these out!!

Housing & Interior Design

·         Discover the development of housing through the ages.

·         Discuss elements & principles of design and complete many hands-on projects!

·         Create floor plans, design boards and utilize various interior design samples.

Fashion Merchandising 1 & 2

·         Learn about the fashion industry through hands-on projects and activities (including a unit of sewing).

·         Discover the history of fashion, haute couture, ready-to-wear, textile manufacturing, marketing, retail operations and visual merchandising!