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PLTW Engineering Design and Development

416 McKinley Ave.
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3800

Engineering Design and Development Projects

Hello there!
Students in the Honors Project Lead the Way Engineering Design and Development course are working on gathering data for their projects and need your help. Through extensive brainstorming and research, they have worked to start defining problems. Now they need to get feedback from potential stakeholders to see if the problem is a valid one that others also have and to start defining the possibilities for solutions to work on through the remainder of the school year.
Please fill out a survey or two, or all of them to help some fantastic students!
This survey will allow us to gather data on sleep patterns of many different people and help us develop a device or system to aid in sleep.  
This survey is meant to help designers develop an efficient battery conservation system. 
Time is money. Know where to find your belongings? Running out of space? Frustrated with finding a balanced method for organization and space, well look no further. Filling out this survey will allow for yourself and others to benefit from a solution created from the feedback given, and future design pitches. 
We are EDD PLTW students and we would greatly appreciate you giving us good feedback to use to help us solve problems with backpacks. Thank you. 
Please respond to our survey with your opinions and experiences with plastic packaging.
Do you hate doing laundry? So do we! 
Many people get injured due to various impact activities. We are hoping to device a solution to this problem and save people's lives. Please answer this survey with accurate responses so we can get good information to build on. 
For an engineering project, we are gathering data for storing items in your garage. Please answer honestly and thoroughly. Thank you for your feedback.  

Our problem is computer wellness, which consists of the internal components and their cleanliness, the drives holding files, the functionality of a computer overtime and the digital factor of file organization. We need to collect data to help better our project to create an innovative, cost efficient and effective item or idea to solve our problem. 

Desk Organization

Are you bored of sitting at a messy, unorganized, cluttered, and a tightly spaced desk? This survey is designed to provide us information that will help devise an organization mechanism to clean your workstation.