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Certified Positions FAQs

What is the Kane County Human Resources Consortium? The Kane County Human Resources Consortium (KCHRC), established in 2002, is a cooperative effort between all nine Kane County public school districts and the Kane County Regional Office of Education to attract the highest quality teachers to our Kane County schools. In addition to establishing a common online teacher application process, KCHRC members meet regularly to discuss a variety of issues related to the recruitment, selection and retention of outstanding educators. 

When is an application considered complete? Your application is considered complete when you complete the online application, complete the Teacher Style Profile Builder, and upload a letter of application, current resume, copies of academic transcripts, three letters of recommendation or college/university placement file, and copies of teaching certificates to the KCHRC site. 

Should I send any of my application materials to the Geneva #304 District Office and/or to the school in District #304 that has the certified staff vacancy? Do not send any application materials to Geneva District #304. Any application materials sent to District #304 will be discarded. 

How can I find out if the Kane County Regional Office of Education has received my application materials? You will receive an email confirming that your online application and the Teacher Profile Builder has been completed and received. You can determine if the Kane County Regional Office of Education has received your application materials by returning to the website, clicking on the Start/Renew an Application link, entering your social security number and password, and checking the page that indicates which documents have been received and attached to your application. You should check this page before contacting the Kane County Regional Office of Education. 

Where and when do you advertise teaching vacancies in Geneva District #304? Teaching vacancies are listed on the Kane County Human Resources Consortium ( website throughout the year.  A majority of teaching positions are advertised between the months of January and August.  You are encouraged to carefully monitor this website during your job search. The job posting for each teaching vacancy will provide information about the vacancy, the selection timetable, and specific application procedures for applicants. 

What are my chances for receiving an interview? Geneva District #304 is an excellent school district and is therefore an attractive place to work. Consequently, we receive many applications for certified staff vacancies. To interview each prospective candidate would be time prohibitive. Your best opportunity to receive an interview is to complete the online application process. 

If I receive an invitation to interview, what should I bring to the interview? You will be advised by the building administrator regarding what to bring to your interview. 

In addition to the interview, do you use any other method to gather information about my teaching qualifications? In addition to reviewing the application materials (e.g., online application, resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation), you may be asked to bring to the interview a videotape of a recent teaching episode or you may be asked to teach a class for the interview team. In certain situations, the interview team may ask to visit your classroom at the school where you are currently working. 

How long does an application remain active and accessible to school administrators? Applications remain active until January of each year.  At that time, all applications are deactivated. Reactivation instructions are then emailed to all applicants in the KCHRC database. I want to make some changes to my application.

Can I do this after I have submitted my application? You are welcome to make changes to your application at any time by returning to the KCHRC website (, clicking on the Start/Renew an Application link, entering your social security number and password, making the necessary changes to your application, and clicking on the Submit to Kane Consortium link on the last page of the online application. 

When is the best time to apply for a certified staff position? You are encouraged to complete the online application process before a vacancy exists. The earlier you complete the application process, the better off you will be. This way, when a vacancy in District #304 is posted on the KCHRC website, your application will be immediately accessible to school administrators here in Geneva.  It is our general practice to start screening applications immediately upon posting a vacancy, and to start calling candidates for an interview one to two weeks after the position has been advertised on the KCHRC website. 

What type of employee benefits do you offer? Employee benefits include health/dental insurance (HMO or PPO), term life insurance, long-term care insurance, Section 125 flexible savings accounts, sick leave, and personal leave. Contributions to the Illinois Teacher Retirement System are the responsibility of the certified staff member. 

How do I start the online application process? Click here to start the online application process.