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School Fee Refund Procedure

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School Fees Refund Procedure

Refunding of School Fees

No school fees will be refunded unless specifically requested by parents or guardians with the following exceptions:
    AP testing fees for tests not taken
    Sports fees for non-participation
    Parking passes that are resold
No refunds will be issued for accounts with a balance of less than $5.

Fee Refund Procedure

For students who leave the District during the school year, fees*† shall be refunded according to the following schedule (those dropping out or being expelled no refund will occur):

Fees Refunded

Elementary & Middle School (K-8) Trimesters

Date Enrollment EndsRegistration Bundles
Thru Sept 30100%
Oct 1 - Thanksgiving66%
Thanksgiving - Feb 2833%
Mar 1 - End of school yearNone

High School (9-12) Semesters

Enrollment Ends
Course Fees
Thru Sept 30100%100%100%100%

Oct 1 - Jan 31
NoneFull year course - None
Semester 1 only course - None
Semester 2 only course - 100%


Feb 1 - End of
school year


*All schools reserve the right to handle refunds on a case-by-case basis.
**From Dec 1 – Feb 1, no refund for Graduation Fees if the student is an early graduate or will be receiving a Geneva High School diploma.
†Including transportation student paid-rider fee.

For accounts with a credit balance at the conclusion of a school year, the balance will be credited to next year’s beginning balance. For any unpaid student balance, PushCoin automatically applies fee payments to the oldest debt first. Any prior year unpaid fees must be paid off before applying to the current year fees.

The PushCoin system processes District payments including student fee payments, food service, school store, field trips and webstore purchases. Refunds for payment or purchases will be made to your student's PushCoin Wallet. Balances in a student's wallet can be used to pay for food service, school store, field trip(s) and webstore purchases. Money in a student wallet can be transferred to “fees” pay for any incurred fees, the parent just needs to transfer the money to the proper account (or request assistance from the school’s front office).

Contributions to a student's PushCoin wallet should be made in amounts that can be reasonably expended by the student each school year. No automatic refunds will occur.

Refunds from a student wallet will only be processed when there is a qualifying event: graduation or transfer out of the District. Parent/Guardian of students transferring out of the District must complete a refund request to receive a refund. Graduating seniors, any remaining balance will be transferred to a sibling’s account and notice of the credit sent to the parent/guardian of record via PushCoin notification. If a senior’s account has a credit balance in excess of $5 and no younger sibling is enrolled, a full refund shall be issued to the parent/guardian of record. No automatic refunds will occur. All refunds will be made by check to requestor. No refunds will be issued for accounts with a balance of less than $5.