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English Frameworks

227 N. Fourth Street
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-463-3000

English Department Frameworks

Our mission is to develop effective communicators who
  • Discover a personal style,
  • Develop an ability to utilize processes, acquire, interpret and use information from a variety of sources,
  • And appreciate cultural differences and human universals.
Through the achievement of these goals and standards, students will gain proficiency in the language skills that are basic to all learning, critical to success in the workplace, and essential to life as productive citizens.

English Language Arts Goals and Standards (from Illinois State Board of Education)

STATE GOAL 1: Read with understanding and fluency.
STATE GOAL 2: Read and understand literature representative of various societies, eras, and ideas.
STATE GOAL 3: Write to communicate for a variety of purposes.
STATE GOAL 4: Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations.
STATE GOAL 5: Use the language arts to acquire, assess, and communicate information.